Ceres Fruit Growers invests more than R50 million in a new facility and Greefa sorting line.

Being able to accurately sort fruit into the right quality size and pre-determined colour-standards is essential for a successful packhouse as fruit that doesn’t conform to the agreed standard is rejected by our customers. With technological advancements and our purchase of the latest camera-scanning equipment, our productivity increase by 25%, sorting faster and more accurately than before.

The new line, a Greefa IQS IV, uses a one gigabyte Digital GigE camera which captures a full high-definition image of 1900 x 1024 pixels. Previous versions could only capture 720 x 525 pixels and this increase is where the value is. Three technologies converge to produce the highest level of sorting intelligence available, on the market today, which should remain state of the art for the next decade.



As consumer tastes and demands become ever more exacting, Ceres Fruit Growers’ ability to add algorithms that sort to ever higher colour and blemish-free standards becomes valuable. Although harmless and not impacting on the eating quality of fruit, stem-end russeting (the brown markings around the stem of a Golden Delicious, for example,) is only cosmetically pleasing to a certain standard. The IQS IV can calculate the level of russet better than any other. On bi-colour fruit for example, stem-end russet is even harder to discern without the value that the IQS IV brings. The system can measure sunburn on apples as well as tell the difference between hail marks and stippe. It can track fruit bruising better than any comparable system. All this adds up to sorting and packing more accurately according to the client’s quality specifications.


Like everything we do at Ceres Fruit Growers, this investment maximises grower returns.

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